Toyota Land Cruiser

FJ60, FJ62 and FJ80 1980-1997 of release

Repair and car operation

Toyota Land Cruiser
+ 1. The maintenance instruction
+ 2. Maintenance service
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Systems of cooling, heating
- 5. Fuel and exhaust systems
   - 5.1. Carburettor engines
      5.1.1. The fuel pump and pressure of fuel
      5.1.2. A gasoline pipe line
      + 5.1.3. A fuel tank
      5.1.4. The fuel pump
      5.1.5. The gauge of level of fuel
      5.1.6. The air filter
      5.1.7. A cable of a drive throttle заслонки
      - 5.1.8. The carburettor Check and carburettor dismantling Carburettor adjustment Removal and carburettor installation
      5.1.9. Exhaust system service
   + 5.2. Engines with fuel injection
+ 6. System of decrease in toxicity
+ 7. Transmission
+ 8. Brake system
+ 9. Suspension brackets and a steering
+ 10. A body
+ 11. An electric equipment
+ 12. Electroschemes

купить ножи златоуст на прямую Carburettor adjustment

The prevention

Described adjustments are carried out on the engine. The adjustment order at carburettor assemblage is specified in the instruction applied to ремкомплекту.

Adjustment of a diaphragm air заслонки

1. Start the engine.
2. Idling disconnect a vacuum hose between the carburettor and the vacuum distributor (1 – to remove here, 2 – the vacuum distributor, 3 – a diaphragm air заслонки).
3. Draught of a diaphragm air заслонки should return quickly to a starting position under the influence of a spring.
4. After joining of a hose draught should be involved back during 5–15 сек (1 – to attach in this place).

Adjustment of a diaphragm of the device приоткрывания air заслонки

1. Start the engine at temperature of a cooling liquid not above 5 With.
2. Disconnect and again attach a hose on a diaphragm.
3. Be convinced that the diaphragm rod remains motionless.
4. After engine warming up disconnect a hose on a diaphragm, the diaphragm rod should come back in former position (the arrow specifies a joining place).
5. Attach a hose, – thus заслонка it should be slightly opened under the influence of depression in a diaphragm.

Adjustment of a cable of a drive air заслонки

1. Remove the air filter and completely extend the handle of a cable air заслонки, – заслонка it should be closed completely.
2. Move the handle from itself, – заслонка should open completely.

Adjustment of fast idling

1. Warm up the engine to normal working temperature, switch off ignition and remove the air filter.
2. Completely close air заслонку.
3. Disconnect vacuum hoses from the distributor of ignition and muffle.
4. Disconnect vacuum hoses from channel S of the vacuum distributive valve and muffle.
5. Connect a tachometre and establish turns of fast idling of 1800 rpm (the screw of adjustment of turns is specified).
6. Open air заслонку, – idling turns should decrease to the normal.

Adjustment of quality of a mix idling


The prevention

Check up ignition installation, a condition of a cover of the distributor and бегунка, candles and high-voltage wires. Execute all adjustments. As a rule infringement of normal structure of a mix is connected with подсосом air.

1. Warm up the engine and remove the air filter.
2. Turn out the screw of adjustment of turns of idling until then while the engine will not start to work with faults (throttle заслонка should be completely covered).
3. Wrap the screw of adjustment of quality of a mix before appreciable falling of turns of the engine, then turn away the screw until then while turns will not increase to the maximum.

The prevention

If before adjustment of quality of a mix for maintenance of work of the engine it was required not to turn out, and to wrap the screw of adjustment of turns of idling check up turns of idling and repeat adjustment of quality of a mix. It provides installation of structure of a mix at completely covered throttle заслонке.